Big Tree understands the complexities of planning for inevitable change on campus and the critical need for multipurpose furnishings that can adapt over time.


Visitor Space

Visitors are important aspects of the college’s daily operations. Prospective students and families visit and tour campus for many reasons; job applicants visit human resources or participate in scheduled interviews; vendors deliver essential products and supplies to appropriate offices; service and maintenance professionals make scheduled repairs and community members attend public events in campus facilities. So our partners would make sure that they create furniture beautiful, classy and which carries a proper brand image.


A classroom Furniture is an important aspect because students spend most of their time seated in the classroom. The furniture should be able to move and easy to arrange to allow students to sit in places that are best suited for their learning styles.



Cafeteria furniture for student or staff to sit and relax and have their meal. Our partners create innovative designs for education institutions

Computer laboratory

The primary goals of the computer labs and classrooms is to provide assistance to students that will enhance their chances of succeeding in technology-based classroom assignments and to provide access to equipment that will support the needs of instruction where we celebrate life-long learning. Our partners create that atmosphere for you.



The Auditorium space types are areas for large meetings, presentations, and performances. Auditorium space type facilities may include assembly halls, exhibit halls, auditoriums, and theatres. Auditorium space types do not include such features as sound reinforcement systems, audiovisual systems and projection screens, food service section, proscenium stages with heights greater than 50′- 0″ or fly gallery, orchestra pits, revolving or hydraulic stage platforms, flying balconies, movable seating, or billboard systems.

Auditorium spaces are designed to accommodate large audiences. As such, they tend to have wide spans and are multiple-stories high in order to accommodate seating, sightline, and acoustical requirements

Staff Room

The Staff Room is the one break out zone where staff can truly relax. It is important that they have the opportunity to refresh and have a break, so they are fully prepared to teach to the best of their abilities.



Library is a backbone of the Institution as the collection sources of information and resources are made accessible for both students and staff. It needs to promote effective and interactive access, safety, comfort, well-lighted, clean space with adequate and appropriate seating arrangement.

Locker Room

Locker room is a space provided as a safe and to keep your personal belongings. It can also be used as a changing room.


Staff Meeting Room

It is a room where the staffs meet and discuss various topics and take informed decisions.

Hostel Furniture

Hostel facilities usually have a single bed type, dormitory, a bunk bed type, with study tables and share a bathroom.


Cabin Furniture

Classy office tables and work desks in various styles and sizes to best suit your functional and aesthetic needs.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture is all about impressions and attitudes of prospective students and their parents are shaped by the aesthetic beauty, appearance, and livability of the campus grounds. The most beautiful campuses provide an ideal setting for students, faculty, and guests to take a leisurely stroll, relax in a garden setting for visiting or studying, to have lunch, or just enjoy some quiet time

“Visual environment is the most important factor in choosing a college”

Attracting new enrollees is a critical issue among institutions today, and their ability to set themselves apart from their competition is becoming more critical than ever; making the aesthetic appeal of a campus a particularly important endeavour.


Visitor Lounge

Community Spaces

A thriving university or college campus requires spaces that can attract and retain students, convey a perfect brand image, foster community interaction and cultivate alumni support. Our partners create beautiful common spaces which are durable, enduring and sustainable.


Learning Spaces

We would facilitate to create efficient learning environment, you need adaptable, durable furniture that can flex to the task at hand. From lecture halls, auditoriums to active learning classrooms, our partners create dynamic learning environments that enhance the academic experience.

Space matters

We offer numerous solutions to your requirements which could be casual to formal, impromptu to planned and all these are executed by partnering with Top Companies and Designers who would help education institutions to meet their strategic goals including creating effective learning spaces, growing enrolments, conveying the proper brand image and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.